Our History

Founded in 1945 by Elísio Ferreira dos Santos and with over 75 years of know-how through 3 generations, EFS Cork is a family group dedicated to the production and sale of cork stoppers and cork derivatives throughout the world.

EFS Cork constantly invests in its human resources and the efficiency of our operations by introducing the latest technological innovations in all our Plants.

EFS Cork intends to add value to cork by enhancing the raw material on our fully integrated vertical process. With this, we commit to high-quality control and a high level of customer delight, ensuring the solid and sustainable growth that has always characterized us.

EFSCork is proud to work with a noble, ecological, sustainable raw material, implementing the best and cleanest production practices in its process to contribute to a more sustainable planet.

People are our main asset and EFS Cork and we are proud to contribute to the creation of direct and indirect jobs. EFS Cork commits to offer our employees and partners the best working conditions and safety while, at the same time, promoting social and gender equality.


Valuing cork in an innovative, competitive, sustainable way, guaranteeing high-quality standards from the cork oak tree to the final consumer.


Establish long-term relationships with our partners. To grow solidly and sustainably, focusing on quality, precision and technological advances. Respecting the best that nature gives us and promoting the social equity of our employees and the community.


Quality and Precision
Sustainability and Innovation
Ambition and Confidence