Aiming to offer the customer the best possible final product, EFS Cork invests daily in quality control processes, using state-of-the-art technology and a vertically integrated process that guarantees the hermeticity of our sealant.

  • The collection of traces of cork tree barks throughout the cork oak bark stripping process is one of the most prevalent procedures in the management of cork quality control.
  • After the pre-selection of cork in the cork oak forest, a rigorous selection of the cork that arrives at our factories is carried out. Then the cork matures for 6 to 9 months to stabilize on a cemented floor without direct contact with the ground.
  • To guarantee a quality final product at EFS Cork, all cork undergoes a steam sterilization process before starting its production.
  • After sterilization and cooking, the cork undergoes a period of stabilization in a bacteriological control chamber, intending to prevent possible contamination.
  • All the stoppers produced at EFS Cork are subjected to various quality control methods during their production, from rectification of dimensional processing to carrying out various laboratory controls throughout the production process.
  • Before leaving our facilities, the cork stopper follows sterilization and disinfection to guarantee a high-quality and unique stopper in the market and the satisfaction of the final consumer.